32 units are required

            Required Courses (22 units)

            Elective CourseS (8 units)

            Summative Research Experience (2 units)


Required courses

The required courses ensure that graduates are 1) conversant in physiological, biomechanical and neurological basis of movement, 2) able to conceptualize all aspects of experimental design across several levels of analysis and 3) are able to apply conceptual principles to practical settings.

BKN 550        Neurobehavioral basis of movement (4 units)

BKN 551        Musculoskeletal and biomechanical basis of movement (4 units)

BKN 552        Physiological basis of voluntary movement (4 units)

BKN 553        Experimental methods for the study of human movement (4 units)

BKN 600        Sports Science internship (2 units)

PM 510           Principles of biostatistics (4 units)

BKN 590        Directed research~ Summative Research Experience (2 units)



Elective courses give students advanced skills necessary to excel in a specialized area related to sport and exercise. The following are examples of electives offered in the program.

BKN611: Technology in Sport: Physiological Assessments

BKN610: Technology in Sport: Field Assessment of Athlete Performance

BKN599: Technology in Sport: Biomechanical Assessments

BKN630: Resistance Training Techniques for High Performance Athletes

BKN599: Advanced Data Analysis for Movement Science

BKN563: Biomechanics of Human Motion

* Electives in relevant course offered in Marshall School of Business, Dornsife’s Departments of Biology and Psychology may apply toward degree.


Summative Research Experience

There is no Division requirement for a Master’s thesis or Comprehensive Examination. Instead, students are required to complete a summative research experience. The culminating event of the summative research experience can include, but is not limited to, the following: 1) Poster presentation at the Division Research Day or at a state or national conference, or 2) Oral presentation at Division Seminar or at a state or national conference.